Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Li-Lac Chocolates

Li-Lac Chocolates, since 1923, continues decades of old-school chocolate tradition. Using traditional and original recipes developed by serious chocolatiers, any customer is sure to find a treat to their liking for holiday occasions, city events, or just simple chocolate cravings. The store has a variety of chocolates shaped to different molds: shoes, animals, buildings, trees, and more. During fashion week, they will have clothing inspired chocolates; on Halloween, ghosts and pumpkins; for Thanksgiving, turkey shaped chocolates in all sizes and varieties.
All Li-Lac chocolates are hand made in New York to ensure freshness and craft. Their truffles are known to be delightful treats since decades ago. Now on its fourth generation of owners, the molded, holiday gift atmosphere of the shop is more of a recent development. It is rather unfortunate to see the once loved artisan store becoming more of a commercialized business, catering to the likes of tourists looking for gifts rather than old customers who came for the quality confectionery. Although the old traditional recipes of hand made chocolates are promised to stay the same, the old atmosphere has changed a bit. Nevertheless, it is still a place to visit for chocolate lovers.
They have other locations as well, so make sure to check their website for more information.

Turkey shaped chocolates for Thanksgiving

40 8th Avenue (at Jane Street) New York, NY 10014
(212) 924-2280

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